Sanjeevani Electronic Health Record (EHR)

  • Sanjeevani EHR seemlessly integrates with existing Healthcare India.

  • Sanjeevani EHR integrates with Ayurvedic records.

  • Sanjeevani EHR is a great transport vehicle.

  • Sanjeevani EHR is for every day India needs.

  • Sanjeevani EHR Senior citizen outreach - homecall, homevisits and remote monitor through technology

  • Sanjeevani EHR Product Information.

  • Sanjeevani uses ICD-10 and other standards

  • Sanjeevani Family Connect...

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Our Service

Sanjeevani electronic health record (EHR) stores electronic health information about individual patients. Sanjeevani stores range of electronic health data, including demographics, medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, and personal stats like age and weight.

Sanjeevani pioneered in digitizing Electronic Health Record and storing it in commercial cloud. As a result, our system ensures:
  • High data availability even in the presence of faults in the network or computer hardware (eg due to power outages, environmental disasters and regional strife)
  • High performance to ensure the system can function even under the high loads that may arise in emergency situations (such as a pandemic, large-scale accident or war)
  • Security to protect patient data from misuse, unauthorized access or attacks.

Family Connect

  • Bi-Weekly Home Visits
  • EHR Update
  • Basic Health Tests
    1. BP Test
    2. Sugar Test
    3. Vital Signs Test
    4. Height& Weight
    5. Heart Rhythm Test
    6. Status to Family Members